Champ de Portola – Philosophy Statement

Philosophical Statement

Art and Architect can make a difference in the society by bringing pressing issues in the society to light or by just creating a beautiful space that allows us to create and contribute to the society at our best. Beautiful things inspire our senses to achieve much more than we normally would. Good architect can simulate our senses and mind to go beyond the ordinary. I am sure all of us have experienced when we felt so excited and energized that we even surprised ourselves at the level of our energy and the quality and amount of ideas that were just flowing out of us. So, architects have the calling to make a difference to the society. This is to create beautifully inspiring places that not only provide peaceful habitat for mankind, but also bring the best out of the people. If the beautiful housing was affordable, there will be less need to fight for the resources. The Country’s GDP does not have to be driven by just the housing sector, but there are many more avenues to enjoy a fulfilling life, money spent on quality food, money spent on leisure time, etc. Person’s whole life does not need to be given to owning the house. People from all social economic level will have access to beauty and money left for leisure and pursuit of happiness to support a healthy and happy life.

If the build process and cost to build were reasonable, people would be able to reconfigure their house as their needs change or their taste change, just like getting new cloths or a car. This will encourage rapid advancement in architecture and building, allow people to have the latest benefits of technological advances, plus stimulate the economy as people will be making smaller investments but more often like upgrading from computer to the laptop to a tablet, etc. Such items in the housing will need to be designed to spec, delivered to your door step, click and attached to your house.

So given the above, our hope is to create a design that makes a paradigm shift in architecture, such as:

  1. Innovation in design
  2. Innovation in material or its use
  3. Paradigm shift in construction and/or design
  4. Innovation in design or material that will impact the society at large, such as: beautiful design that can be used as temporary shelter, module component that can be added to existing building, people can build it with local materials by themselves, speed of construction
  5. The design that solves major issues facing the world- energy, urban farm design that will be attractive as a beautiful garden, vertical vegetable wall , sanitation, water recycling.
  6. Design based on openings and not the closed part.
  7. Minimum use of space, thus making it blend into the surroundings. Very low profile.
  8. Most innovative use of space
  9. Best connection to nature: starry nights, owls calls at night, butterflies and humming birds.
  10. Best way to create a private space, blocking the noise of the surrounding, blocking the view of the building and from the other building, thus creating a very private space while surrounded by many.
  11. Best design to enlist the human senses for creativity and relaxation
  12. Off the grid
  13. Water conservation
  14. Innovative toilet, help bring sanitation to the world.

My hope is that this charrette exercise will answer few or many questions and concerns that I have outlined above. This is an exercise for Fluidisum in architecture.

Sonia Dhillon-Marty