The foundation mission is to seed message of justice and peace for social and economic transformation. This might be a seed of social justice through public art projects one village at a time or a seed for sustainable farming to help a small scale farmer make a living through sustainable farming.

Art and culture enrich our lives and give us a sense of belonging while opening our heart and mind to be inclusive to society. In Dhillon Marty Foundation projects and events, artists give back to the society by creating projects in small villages to large cities to showcase the local culture while sharing our call for social justice.

We also feel that mind is only effectively transformed if the people are economically bettered as well. For this we are helping people and communities learn ways to make a living from their land using the best practices the new technologically enriched world has to offer while maintaining the rich cultures and ecology of their land.

Seeding the mind and the land, seed by seed, community by community.